Upcoming at Heart Fire Sanctuary:

January 2023

February 2023

March 2023

*No Full Moon Tea and Mindfulness
March 7
Ceramics Workshop: Garden Gallery with Colored Clay
March 31–April 2

April 2023

Creative Pathways: Medicine Walk: Bayocean
April 9

Yukti Kiln Firing
Prepare for firing:
April 8 & 12

Load the kiln:
April 17 & 19

April 21–24

Unload the kiln:
April 30

May 2023

New Moon Tea: Star Watch on Larch Mountain
May 19

Creative Pathways: Medicine Walk: Bayocean
May 28

June 2023

Ceramics Workshop: Micaceous Clay with Donna D’Orio
June 3–5 and 10

Soltice Outdoor Pizza Dinner “Sun Pie”
June 21

Ceramics Workshop: Micaceous Clay “Intentional Magic” (free for Diamond Heart fasters)
June 24 and 25

June 30–July 5

July 2023

*No Full Moon Tea and Mindfulness
July 3

Yukti Kiln Work Day
July 8

Wahkeena Spring & Tea
July 12

Creative Pathways: Spring Basin: Froggy Rock
July 21–23

Wahkeena Spring & Tea
July 30

August 2023

Yukti Kiln Work Day: Build Wood Storage Area
August 19–21

Yukti Kiln Work Day: Wood delivery and stacking
August 26 and 27

September 2023

Yukti Kiln Work Day: Build Wood Storage Area
September 2–4

October 2023

Yukti Kiln Work Days
Oct 14–15 & 28–29

November 2023

Yukti Kiln Prep for Students
November 12

Yukti Kiln Firing
Load the Yukti Kiln:
November 18–20

November 24–27

December 2023

Yukti Kiln Unload and Clean-up
December 2 and 3

Solstice Sound Journey
December 21

Community Cooking and Feast
December 30

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Previously at Heart Fire Sanctuary:


Full Moon Tea and Mindfulness
None scheduled for July