Arbor Day Annual Event

Honoring the Trees & Plant Exchange

(When we honor all living things we bring our deep gratitude for the Fungi that make it all possible)

All Welcome (no fee)

10 am—4 pm

Come out to the Sanctuary to honor the trees on the land and everyhwere. Bring plants for this land ~ Take away plants for your space or... geurilla-plant almost anywhere!

As you may know, the fuel for our Heart Fire Yukti kiln is provided by trees (...and lots of human hands!).
In my effort to engage in sustainable reciprocity and neutral carbon flow I want to plant as many, or more, trees than I use to fire the kiln.

Here’s how you can play your part in this event:

Bring any plants or seeds (trees and natives a plus) to the Sanctuary to plant on this land or to give to other participants. Take away plants that are brought by other participants to put in your garden or elsewhere...abandonded alleyways, urban scars, parking strips (away from powerlines, of course).

Include plants for the begtable and fruit garden too!

Stay and improve the health of your microbiome and immune system by doing some gardening on the land too. Many hands make hearty work! 
You are welcome to bring offerings to the ancestors, for the trees, and the 4 direction altars here too., 
We improve our health by imprvoing our relationships with all things because we recognize the innate unity of all things and spaces.

Heart Fire Sanctuary’s mission is to dispel the myth that we are separate from the Earth. 

RSVP would be great! Please contact us with any questions.

Richard Brandt
Heart Fire Sanctuary
14305 SE 242 Ave
Damascus, Or 97089

Photos: Richard Brandt