Heart Fire Sanctuary embraces your innate wisdom.

By honoring transformative ceremonies, conducting immersive wilderness experiences, providing hands-on creative workshops, and encouraging sustainable living arts... we can remember who we truly are. And, only then, can we clearly imagine a new paradigm into being. 


We envision a place where all people can come to access the highest quality therapies, medicines, and sacred practices to reconnect with source.

...where all people can learn to cultivate their optimum health, their direct connection to source,
and to access their truest wisdom.

The source of all life is the wellspring of wisdom we must embody.
It’s only through this understanding that we can co-evolve as integrated participants with Earth.


Our Mission is to provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor community gathering spaces, gardens, and art studios where the highest quality facilitators, instructors, and community leaders can share their knowledge, wisdom, and practices.  Their diverse topics will have a common focus of environmental coexistence and the improved health and well being of all humans.

We serve as a ceremonial ground for all people who share the vision of a grass roots cultural shift towards the recognition that the Earth and all Life is sacred.

We acknowledge that the greatest teacher is Earth. Heart Fire In the Field offers immersive opportunities to reconnect with Earth and your soul as nature.

We offer opportunities for people to gather in ceremonial settings designed for healing our inner lives and relationships with each other and the Earth. We support the use of archaic and contemporary therapeutic modalities led by trained facilitators in group and individual settings. We support the therapeutic interventions of psychedelic medicines to catalyze the effectiveness of transformational /transpersonal counseling. 


We offer equal access to a wide spectrum of transformational experiences and educational opportunities to diverse populations. We actively seek to serve populations that are systematically marginalised both socially and economically.

We respect the uniqueness of each life and the freedom to live out its independant desires with autonomy while also honoring the interdependence of Life systems.

We come together in peace, humility, and respect. We honor our interactions by truthful ‘I’ statements, asking questions rather than asserting assumptions.

We honor our desires and interactions by clearly asking for what we want. Then only consummating that desire after a clearly communicated consent.