Residencies, Volunteer/ Work/ Study Trade 

Heart Fire Sanctuary is a year round living space that needs continual care and maintenance. When you volunteer here you get an excellent opportunity to learn valuable skills working alongside experienced community members while knowing you’re also contributing to the healing experiences of guests and students. It’s also an excellent way to give back to the land, give gratitude for having a healthy body, and support what you and Heart Fire Sanctuary stand for as an agent of change toward the new paradigm.

There are a number of ways that you can become involved. First, make sure you join our email list. Our newsletters list opportunities to help on projects, work on the land and garden, assist in workshops, events, or Heart Fire in the Field excursions. You may also earn credits toward tuition.

You can also reach Richard Brandt via email if you have an idea of how you might like to help in the Sanctuary. Contact him to inquire about becoming a seasonal intern.

I also need assistance in the logistics of running the various workshops, celebrations, and events. Plus assistance in computer work would be a big help too.

The more hands the merrier!

There are special apprenticeships available for the programs of Heart Fire in the Field. They require having participated in these programs or equivalent programs with other organizations. These apprenticeships are a way to extend your experiences with Creative Pathways or Diamond Heart Path while learning more about your relationship with the land and helping others who are participating for the first time.

Only sincere and dedicated inquiries please. Trans/non-binary people and BIPOC are encouraged.

Volunter Preparation Days

Friday, August 26th, 10am to 4pm
Friday,September 2, 10am to 4pm
Friday,September 9, 10am to 4pm
Sunday,September 11, 10am to 4pm
Tuesday, September 20, 10am to 4pm
Wednesday, September 21, 10am to 4pm
Saturday, September 24, 10am to 4pm
Sunday, September 25, 10am to 4pm
………to be continued

Firing and maintaining a wood firing kiln is a community effort and a community luxury.

All fall we’ll be focused on preparing the Yukti Kiln, Kiln Temple, Wood, and much more for the inaugural Thanksgiving firing
We’ll be splitting wood, cutting bricks, stringing lights, building a kitchenette, additional roofing, and just general clean up and community building antics.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Just drop me an RSVP the day before (or more…) to let me know you’re coming, when, and what you’d like to help with (If you know…).

In this way I can prepare for the number of helpers and the appropriate tools. Please bring your own protective eyewear, gloves, ear plugs, sturdy shoes, etc.

Includes Lunch and Gratitude
Come and go as you like.

Stuff To Do:
(*** Rainy day projects, undercover)

Big impact

Build Wood bins
Build pizza oven
Hang barn doors
Tempering fire of Yukti (firing up to red heat, empty)***
Mount ash suppressor on chimney
Make steel tools for kiln. Welding job ***
Exterior lighting around kiln
Split massive wood out front, feeling massive today?
Tile shower/ waterproof around window***


Move mini frig out to Yukti kitchen***
Set up Propane stove***
Cut more posts
Mount bracket for thermo couples***
Cone packs***

…Couple of hours

Hang kitchen lights***
Hang Plexi panels, wood protection
Caste Arch blocks for kiln door***
Coat hooks around kiln/ glass door knobs***
Make wadding***
Arrange changing room in greenhouse***
Hang kitchen lights***


Paint Panels above kiln/ colors***
Sew*** & Hang Canvas Panels for Winter Protection

Wood work

Split wood/stack…repeat to your heart's content
Make charcoal, big chance for fun and flame


Build shelves in kitchen***
Double Doors in front of Pizza Oven***
Build shelves for posts***
Small outside door/storage Hobbit door
Build small table under TC bracket***


Parking is limited, carpool if you can.

Richard Brandt

Heart Fire Sanctuary
14305 SE 242 Ave
Damascus, Or 97089