Heart Fire in the Field is a branch of Heart Fire Sanctuary in remote locations.

Heart Fire Sanctuary realizes that the ultimate teacher is the divine relationship between you and mother Earth. While we understand that all spaces are inherently a part of our sacred Earth we know that opportunities to immerse oneself into a wilderness setting is unparalleled in its healing power. She offers her unconditional love, compassion, and wisdom with absolute generosity to everyone equally. We are committed to offering these opportunities so people can experience their own divine relationship with the Earth and Cosmos.

Heart Fire in the Field: Diamond Heart Path

Diamond Heart Path is here to support you in your deep journey to find and become your inner perfect gem. Your pure nature. It waits to be reunited with your life.

The Diamond Heart is a path of surrender. Not surrender to anyone or anything outside but surrender to the embodied knowing that you are perfect.

You are all that you need for complete happiness.

You can surrender to the fact that you are absolutely capable of meeting your journey completely and successfully. Diamond Heart Path acknowledges that your journey is not only for yourself, but it is to find your unique way of service to your community.

I offer journeys to individuals and small groups. Even within the small group, I work with each participant independently. I guide each person to form the most accurate personal intention. This intention will act as your inspiration and guide to give you purpose and perseverance during your journey.

Journeys can last from 4 days to 10 days.

They can include solo fasting to focus, cleanse, and transform.

All of them include herbal and dietary preparation and closing strategies so you can make the most of your experience with as much ease as possible.

We are not interested in making anyone suffer. We suffer enough in this world.

Please review each journey to see what feels right for you. Please contact us if you have any questions. Only sincere inquiries please. If you are looking to help or gift a loved one with a journey please let us know this too.

The Heart Fire Sanctuary Workshop: Sigils, Insignias, Amulets is free for Heart Fire in the Field participants. Click here to learn more.

Upcoming Diamond Heart Paths:

Please check the Calendar and Creative Pathways pages for other upcoming journeys and workshops

Black Canyon, Oregon
“Initiation: 6-day”


Richard Brandt

“Initiation…” opens an opportunity to look deeply within…to discover your true strengths, unique gifts, and make friends with new allies that can carry you into your new future.

You can announce to the universe that you are ready to be seen for who you truly are and live your life in service to that.

6-Day Journey
with a 2-day solo fast

June 30–July 5, 2023

Suggested Donation: $400–$500

Difficulty Rating: 4 & 5

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