Heart Fire in the Field is a branch of Heart Fire Sanctuary in remote locations.

Heart Fire Sanctuary realizes that the ultimate teacher is the divine relationship between you and mother Earth. While we understand that all spaces are inherently a part of our sacred Earth we know that opportunities to immerse oneself into a wilderness setting is unparalleled in its healing power. She offers her unconditional love, compassion, and wisdom with absolute generosity to everyone equally. We are committed to offering these opportunities so people can experience their own divine relationship with the Earth and Cosmos.

Heart Fire in the Field: Creative Pathways

There are pathways from our inner worlds of imagination to the outer world of shared expression.

By exploring and honoring these pathways we can more intimately understand ourselves and our own personal relationship with the source of creation.

Along those pathways are also critical voices or blockages that can shut down your flow from creation.

When we explore and honor those blockages we can transform them into new pathways of freedom and creativity.

Creativity is how nature expresses itself.
Humans are an expression of nature.
We are, by nature, creative.

This is how we survived, gave thanks, and expressed the depths of our interdependence…the song of the Earth itself.

Creative Pathways is designed to re-connect you with your creative source.

I use games, mindfulness exercises, somatic experimentation, contemplation, and, most importantly, immersion in nature.

These are multi-day excursions to semi-remote locations across the Pacific Northwest. With each of these excursions I’ll make sure you come away with a tool kit of new ways to gain new perspective and stimulate your imagination in any situation you find yourself in.

Find details in the descriptions of each upcoming excursion. It’s important to sign up early.

Most trips are for 5 guests maximum. Group plans are available.

Creativity is your birthright.
All creative acts are sacred acts. For they originate in the wellspring of our imaginations, the voice of our Earth.

Upcoming Creative Pathways:

To the Oregon High Desert: “Insight to Inspiration”
Instructor: Richard Brandt

Join me on a 4 day excursion and immersion into the Oregon High Desert to explore what it is to be inspired. There’s canyons to explore, and open prairie to be in. And, with some luck, the small native cactus will be blooming pink and yellow.

May 28-31, 2022, with zoom meeting May 22

June 3–6, 2022, with zoom meeting May 31

Supporter: 425$, Participant: 375$, Supported: 325$

Group Size: 5 people

Difficulty Rating: 3. Tent camping, hiking poles also recommended.

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Bayocean: “The Crib of Creation”

Instructor: Richard Brandt

On this long peninsula, is a truly ancient rainforest, grass tufted dunes, and massive driftwood strune beaches. We’ll use games, prompts and sensory experiments to lead us into new ways of seeing, and stimulating the imagination toward infinite surprises.

June 25–28, 2022

Supporter: 425$, Participant: 375$, Supported: 325$

Group size: 5 people

Difficulty Rating: 2, includes walk-in tent camping.

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