Diamond Heart Path

Black Canyon, Oregon: “Deep Calling”

Guide: Richard Brandt
8 or 9-Day Journey with a 4 day solo with fasting
    June 11–19, 2022 (Zoom Gathering: June 6)
    July 8–15, 2022 (Zoom Gathering: July 5)

This journey is for the stout hearted and deeply sincere person who is searching for a ceremony to transform Body, Mind, and Soul.

This journey is for those who need a demarcation in their lives. It can support you to acknowledge and release traumas and grief, or to help you gather strength and wisdom as you prepare for a new challenge in life.

This ceremony offers deep personal support so you can form the most honest intention and ask yourself the most searching questions. This journey reaches deep to expose what you truly long for. And in doing so,  it might expose what you are most afraid of.  This is the process of true healing, understanding, and compassion for the person you truly are.

Day 1: 11th

8:00 am: Depart….Meet at common location. Carpool if possible.
Noon: Arrive. Make Land acknowledgement.
Set Up Base Camp, Circle, Check-in, Orientation, Safety, Timeline.
Short Orientation Walk (if time).
Introduction: Web of Life Circle in Base Camp.
6:00 pm : Circle. Dinner, clean up
Individual support. Night walk and listen.
Prayer for Dream. Rest

Day 2, 12th

8:30 Silent Rise. Dream Circle.
10:00 am Everyone looks for their Solo spot.
2pm: Return to Base Camp
Make Water haul / equipment to solo spot.
6:00 pm return to Base Camp, light Dinner.
7:00 pm Circle, Talk of allies.
8:00 pm: Prayer ties, council, night walks
State intention, Prayer for dream, Rest

Day 3, 13th

6:00 am Circle. Move to your solo spot, carry remaining water and equipment.
Settle in. Rest/ Listen.  My visit: Check in and Witness.

Day 3–6, 13th–16th (Solo Fast)

Gather your Web of Life Circle, opening to allies.

Day 7, 17th

Morning: Come down to base camp. Welcome.
Gather to break Fast.
Noon: Lunch, Rest
2:00 pm: Return for remaining items at solo spot. Gratitude for the Web of Life Circle and your Spot, closing.
(Leave behind what you don’t need.)
4:00 pm: Circle: Share / honor story
6:00 pm Dinner
6:30pm : Share / honor story
Prayer for dream, Rest

Day 8, 18th

8:30 am Breakfast
9:30 allies, community, This is the beginning…
Circle Integration of individual experiences into Community gifts/vision

Day 9, 19th

8:30 am: Breakfast
Break personal camp and base camp
Circle with Altar, gratitude. Bind participants with string. Scatter altar. Gratitude.
Return to Cars, Close circle
3:00 pm Closing

Difficulty Rating: 4 & some 5    

4 – Challenging – Trail is steep and rocky, with elevation gain of more than 1000 feet. May feature rock scrambles or other challenging features. Trekking poles recommended.
5 – Extremely Challenging – Off-trail travel. Terrain is variable and potentially steep.

Transportation & Food

Participants are responsible for all transportation expenses. Please connect with me if you can offer a carpool vehicle or if you would like a carpool ride. Those flying in will need to find their own transportation but every effort will be made to arrange a carpool for you. The destination is approx. 4 hrs. From PDX airport. No special type of vehicle is required.  Please let me know if you will be joining us from afar and need some orientation.

Participants are responsible for all of their breakfasts and lunches. Dinners will be provided.

Further Information

A thorough guide will be emailed to you upon registration. It will include an equipment list, a brief survey of flora and fauna, and other considerations.

You will also be emailed a liability waiver, and a brief health history disclosure form. Please complete and return them as soon as possible.

Fees and Registration:

Supporter: $1450 (Registration after May 1st: $1550)

Participant Base Fee: $1375 (Registration after May 1st: $1475)

Supported: $1300 (Registration after May 1st: $1400)

Scholarship is available. Click here for our scholarship application.

NOTE: If “Out of Stock,” please try to select another fee level from the drop down menu.

Alternatively, pay a deposit of 300$ today, with your balance due one month prior to departure (May  11):

Please read the cancellation policy here.

About Heart Fire in the Field:

Heart Fire in the Field is a branch of Heart Fire Sanctuary in remote locations.

Heart Fire Sanctuary realizes that the ultimate teacher is the divine relationship between you and mother Earth. While we understand that all spaces are inherently a part of our sacred Earth we know that opportunities to immerse oneself into a wilderness setting is unparalleled in its healing power. She offers her unconditional love, compassion, and wisdom with absolute generosity to everyone equally. We are committed to offering these opportunities so people can experience their own divine relationship with the Earth and Cosmos.

There are 2 aspects to Heart Fire in the Field:

Creative Pathways: dedicated to reawakening creativity in all of us.

Diamond Heart Path: dedicated to deep spiritual healing and honoring the phases of our life with ceremony.

We believe in low to no intrusive ecological footprint as we tread lightly on our precise home.

Richard Brandt
Heart Fire Sanctuary
14305 SE 242 Ave
Damascus, Or 97089

Photos by Richard Brandt