How To Support Our Work at Heart Fire Sanctuary


Heart Fire Sanctuary gratefully accepts donations of money and materials. Donations can be earmarked to help the Scholarship Fund, programming of your choice, or can be applied in general to whatever area needs the most care.

The Scholarship Fund is funds earmarked to support eager participants who apply for assistance to participate in our programs. Heart Fire Sanctuary actively seeks to serve populations that are systematically marginalised both socially and economically. We strive to offer equal access to a wide spectrum of transformational experiences and educational opportunities.

To make a donation, select from the options below:


In addition to monetary contributions we need supplies, time, and shared labor contributions, and all types of collaborators as we continue to build the sanctuary!

Learn more about our latest projects and the materials and supplies on our wish list here.


Monthly memberships support Heart Fire Sanctuary all year long. It is the strongest way to support. Memberships allow us to plan more for the future.

Membership Benefits include:

• First announcement of the full spectrum of Sanctuary offerings, special gatherings, and further opportunities to connect with other members and the Sanctuary. See the
calendar for upcoming special gatherings for members.

• Discounts on select programs.

• Discounts on renting facilities.

• Members-only gatherings.

You may cancel your membership subscription at anytime.