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Full Moon Tea and Mindfulness
At Larch Mountain

Members! Please meet me at the top of Larch Mountain for dinner, and tea and to watch the full moon rise over Mt Hood.

We'll meet in the parking lot at the top of the mountain where you’ll be guided to a picnic table for a quiet circle, refreshments and dinner under the trees.

Then we’ll pack-up the tea sets and take the short walk (0.6 mi.) to Sherrard Point. There, we’ll take our seats to share tea and bekon the Moon to join us.

Sherrard point (elev. 3760 ft.) is a promontory of basalt that juts out at the top of Larch Mtn. It forms a spectacular view point where five Cascade Mountains can be seen.

Things to bring: a cushion to sit on for tea and moon viewing.

A blanket to keep warm. A flashlight or headlamp.

Binoculars might be fun too.

Please RSVP by email before August 1st

Heart Fire Sanctuary's mission is to dispel the myth that we are separate from the Earth.

Please carpool if possible.

Please read the cancellation policy. Your registration is your payment in full.

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