You can donate money, materials, and skills towards any of these specific projects. Please click here if you’d like to make a monitary donation. If you have materials, supplies, or skills to offer, please get in touch with Richard Brandt at heartfiresanctuary@gmail.com.
Below is a list of projects and opportunities that need your help:

Needed Infrastructure

New Gathering Spaces and Construction:

Name: “The Open Space”

We are planning to build The Open Space at the east end of the Sanctuary. It will be approx. 10’ x 15’. It’s main function will be for ceremonial therapy, Mindfulness gatherings, Tea Ceremonies, and other gatherings that need intimacy and privacy apart from the main house, studio, and kiln areas. It will be perfect for someone who’d like to do a single or multiple day solo retreat. Bare bones, comfy, private.

Many of the building materials (roofing, subflooring, insulation) have been donated already! THANK YOU! However, we still need wall materials. Approximately 5000$ would get us there. Plus some labor, of course, would make it all fall together.
Goal: $10,000, completion by Fall 2022.

Sauna and Hot tub:
Hydro-therapy enclosure alongside The Open Space will add a huge benefit to ceremonial integration. This will become an absolutely integral feature in successful ceremonial integration in the coming wave of deep healings. Cost: approx. 5000$ 

Transforming existing Family Home into Event Space:

Combining the Garage space and family room into a Greeting/Orientation, and larger event space. Redesigning current fireplace into surround Fire place. This space could also be a temporary dormitory space for up to 10 people. 15.000$

Growing Potential, Expanding Opportunities–Acquiring additional land:

Acquired land 600,000$ adjacent to Heart Fire Sanctuary to create a joined property of 2+ acres.

** Acquired land would be used to increase size and types of services, Residential events, larger teaching food/herb garden, more individual and larger group retreats and therapy cabins,

Residency Apartment/Dormitory above existing Ceramic Studio 17,000

Privacy Fence:

A 7 foot high fence on the most “transparent” borders of the Sanctuary. This fence will create intimacy and privacy needed to enhance the depth and efficacy of the transformational healing ceremonies at Heart Fire Sanctuary. The fence would be made with traditional Sugibon (charred) cedar. 20,000$ (...or contribute by the 20 ft. section for 200$)

Needed Items

  • Computer printer
  • Video Projector
  • LED lighting for Kiln Temple
  • Blu Tooth Speakers for Workshop Studio and Kiln Temple
  • 2 Burner stand alone Camp Stove with 5 gal. propane hook up for Kiln Kitchen
  • Donated Bodies, Hearts and Spirits for Gardening , Tree trimming
  • Donated Bodies, Hearts and Spirits for wood splitting and stacking
  • Meditation cushions, bolsters, zafu, Gomdon, blankets
  • Donations of wood
  • Garden Tool Shed 275$
  • Upgrade workshed 800$
  • Wood storage cribs 140$ ea. (12 needed)
  • 2, 8’x8’ platforms for camping (**) 100$ ea.

Finished Projects
Thank you!

Roof over wood fired kiln 15,000$
DONE! Thank you!

Roof over 27 ft,1970’s trailer currently on the property. 2700$ DONE! Thank you.

Electrical upgrade 6000$
DONE! Thank you!

Mushroom Cultivation Facility 1500$
DONE! Thank you.