The Yukti Kiln

Completed and first fired in 2022, the Yukti wood-fired kiln is at the center of Heart Fire Sanctuary. 

The kiln is a place of community gathering, celebration, and ceremony.

There is never any guarantee of success. When you fire a wood burning kiln it’s truly a dance with elemental forces and endless variables. As woodfirers, we hone our abilities to “read and listen” to the kiln so we respond to the ever changing conditions of the atmosphere in the kiln. And still, no two firings are ever the same, no two pieces ever come out alike. Surprises are always in store.

When the kiln is opened, we line up in front of the kiln and hand out the pieces one by one.  In this way each piece can be touched and enjoyed by each person present. Then they’ll be placed on tables so we can really look at them throughout the day.


Visitors are welcome during firings at specified times, and volunteers are always needed to help prepare for firing.

During the loading and the firing of the kiln the core crew also need times of quiet concentration and privacy.

See prep, loading, firing, and unloading schedules for each firing below for more information.

Please email with any questions or to get involve.d 

Upcoming firings and kiln-related dates:

First Firing of 2023

Kiln Work Days and preparation for firing
*Volunteers needed!
April 8 & 12
Loading the kiln
April 17 & 19
April 21–24
Unloading the Kiln
Ceramic sale, community potluck, all are welcome!
April 30

Check back for future firing dates for 2023!

Photos from the 2022 Inaugural Firing: