Heart Fire Sanctuary Workshop:
The Tradition of Raku

Instructor: Richard Brandt
2-day Workshop: Jun. 23 & 30 (Thursdays), 10 am–3 pm

Capacity: 9 participants per class.
Fee: Supporter: 115$,  Participant: 95$,  Supported: 75$
Free for Heart Fire Sanctuary Members   
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A hands-on experiential workshop reconnecting the Japanese Tea Ceremony with Raku Ceramics and You.

Even though this story happened over 450 years ago it’s an important story to tell now. Inside it are timeless lessons about tradition, the importance of creativity, personal integrity, and the value of honoring cultural history.

This workshop is also very personally empowering.  When you create a Raku style Tea Bowl with your own hands, glaze it, watch it being fired, then drink tea from it, you become a unique part of this story, a part of  history.

Day 1: 10 AM – 3 PM

Telling the story of the origins of Raku Ceramics.

Demonstration in the Ceramic studio of how a Raku Chawan (Tea Bowl) is made.

The anatomy of a tea bowl: It’s form and function.

Then you can start to make your own bowl. With some simple guidance you will pinch, shape, carve your bowl into being. Each of them is unique and can reflect your own personal style. You can make other shapes as well.

Lunch break (Bring your own lunch, I’ll serve tea.)

We’ll then continue making throughout the day.

(In between the first and second day of this workshop your pieces will dry and then be fired for the first time. This is called the bisque firing. When you return for the second day your pieces will be ready for decorating, glazing, and their final firing.)

Day 2: 10 AM – 3 PM

 We’ll gather to talk about the days activities.

I’ll demonstrate decorating and glazing techniques. I’ll also orient you to the exciting firing procedure so you feel safe and confident to participate if you like.

Then we’ll begin to decorate and glaze your pieces.

Lunch break (Bring your own lunch. I’ll serve tea.)

Then we’ll fire your pieces in my small Raku style kiln.

When they become red hot and the glazes have melted, we’ll open the kiln and take out your pieces. We’ll cool them quickly in water.

After all participant’s items have been fired we’ll make tea for each other in our newly born Raku style tea bowls.

No experience needed.

All Clay and tools are provided though you may bring your own if you have them.

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Parking is limited, carpool if you can.

We respect each person’s decision-making wisdom to take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of all communicable diseases. Face coverings are welcome but not mandatory. Our winter indoor workshops take place in a 20’ x 25’ studio. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.

Richard Brandt
Heart Fire Sanctuary
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