Tea at Wahkeena Springs
Columbia River Gorge, Or.

10 am – 5pm, May 4th

$20 per person
9 guest capacity, please bring a lunch

Free for Members, please RSVP

Difficulty rating: 3 and 4 (moderate and challenging)

Wahkeena Springs gushes out of the ground, cold and clear, in a grove of old cedar trees. This jewel lies at the end of a steep 3 mile trail in a lush cleft stacked with mossy boulders deep in the forest of the Columbia River Gorge.

This is one of the most perfect places to brew tea that I’ve ever come across.

We’ll meet at the Wahkeena Falls Parking area on the old highway.

The roughly paved trail is quite steep for the first half but we will take it slow so we can really experience the beautiful and unique character of the Gorge and the views across the Columbia River. As we ascend, we’ll cross over old stone and wooden bridges, breathe the mist of Fairy Falls, move through the vertical walls of basalt, and marvel at the resilience of life after the burn.

The arrival to the springs is a lovely change as it is nearly flat with soft places to sit in the shade of the old cedars. A perfect place for a picnic.

Then I’ll prepare 3 different teas for you using the spring’s water.

Difficulty rating: 3 and 4. Walking poles may be helpful.

Heart Fire Sanctuary's mission is to dispel the myth that we are separate from the Earth.

Please carpool if possible.

Please read the cancellation policy. Your registration is your payment in full.

Richard Brandt
Heart Fire Sanctuary
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