Maiden Voyage Pizza Party

Friday, July 31, 5—8 pm
This event is Free for all members and folks that helped build her (the oven).

15$ per person. Kids under 12 are free.

I’ll have a bunch of dough, sauce, and some basic toppings.

…hopefully harvested from the Sanctuary garden!

We can all help make the pizzas and share them all too if you like.

These will be thin crust type. Best in this type of oven.

If you’d like to come around 3pm you can help to light and feed the fire and help with other prep too. We’ll take the fire up slowly for her first voyage.

Let’s find a name for her…!

What to bring:

You can bring any of your favorites or unique (lobster!) toppings too.

Use your imagination! (Dessert Pizza…mmmmmmmmmm!)

Bring your favorite beverages too. Responsible alcohol consumption is ok too.

Bringing your reusable plates, cutlery, and cups would be a plus.

(Woodfired ceramics get a gold star! HA!)

Heart Fire Sanctuary's mission is to dispel the myth that we are separate from the Earth.

Parking is limited, please carpool if possible.

Richard Brandt
Heart Fire Sanctuary
14305 SE 242 Ave
Damascus, Or 97089