Heart Fire in the Field

Heart Fire in the Field is a branch of Heart Fire Sanctuary in remote locations.

Heart Fire Sanctuary realizes that the ultimate teacher is the divine relationship between you and mother Earth. While we understand that all spaces are inherently a part of our sacred Earth we know that opportunities to immerse oneself into a wilderness setting is unparalleled in its healing power. She offers her unconditional love, compassion, and wisdom with absolute generosity to everyone equally. We are committed to offering these opportunities so people can experience their own divine relationship with the Earth and Cosmos.

There are two aspects to Heart Fire in the Field:

Creative Pathways—dedicated to reawakening creativity in all of us.

Diamond Heart Path—dedicated to deep emotional, physical, and spiritual healing and honoring the phases of our life with ceremony.

We believe in low to no intrusive ecological footprint as we tread lightly on our precious home.