Celebrations, Community Events, and Ceremonies at Heart Fire Sanctuary

Heart Fire Sanctuary was created to dispel the myth that we are separate beings.

Heart Fire Sanctuary is dedicated to everyone's complete remembrance of our unified consciousness and to acknowledge that reunion in celebration and ceremony.

We create opportunities to celebrate all life, and ceremonies to heal from our past conditioning of division.

Healing ceremonies create opportunities to reconnect with the interdependent network of life and the transpersonal and trans-species reality of our senses.

We ask assistance from the medicine plants, and food from our gardens. Music, dance, mindfulness, and immersion in nature help us remember.

We are reestablishing the reciprocal nature of our life on Earth and honoring it with Celebration and Ceremony as Gratitude.

Past events include concerts, campfires, feeding the Sanctuary Directions, meals together, Kaiseki, Full Moon Tea ceremonies, gardening together, medicine making, wildcrafting, and mindfulness gatherings.

Ceremonies, Celebrations, and Events at the Sanctuary are open to all and all are welcome, however some do require pre-registration. Please carpool as parking is limited. Please see upcoming events below for more information.

Upcoming Events at Heart Fire Sanctuary